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Technical & Statistical Analysis

Technical and Statistical Analysis

The company has one of the best technical and statistical analysis team in the markets in India. The team gives the recommendations to its clients based on a deep study of demand - supply pattern in the market.

These studies not only include the end of the day reporting and analysis, but the markets are very closely observed when in session and immediate and instant alerts and recommendations are made to its clients on the phone, E Mail and SMS on the cellphones.

The team takes the help of the best charting softwares available like the Metastock and the Falcon. The most unique thing about the analysis made by our analysts is that they are do not always follow the "regular" technical analysis method, there is always a constant endeavor to create new and better studies to beat the market.

A case in point is the successful study made on how to use the moving averages to win in the markets.We take pride in the fact that we are one of the very few people who take the best possible use of the statistical and historical data to predict the future directions of the market.

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