Daily Reports
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Daily Reports

On the strength of our continuous efforts to get the best possible use of the data of the activity happening in the markets, we create reports, which we send to our clients, daily through email.

The greatness of these reports lay in the fact that not only they are original and innovative, but they capture the spirit of the market. The intricacies of the markets are laid open in the few pages of these reports. Not a single move is missed. The activities on not only the NSE is studied but also the activities on the cash segment of the BSE is studied and shared with the clients. The few important Daily reports sent to the clients are:

Bulk Deal Reports:
This report alongwith other buy and sell indicators incorporates the most effective study of volume breakouts.

Futures & Options Reports:
This report compiles the action of the activity on the futures & options segment in a very good format, which makes the analysis very effective and easy.

Deliveries Report:
The deliveries obligation in both NSE and BSE is combined in such a way, that in a glance one is able to understand whether the activity in any particular stock is because of speculation or because genuine interests / concerns of the investors.

Fundamental Reports:
The company is involved in its own special study of the fundamentals of the companies. The In-house team is more involved in the statistical analysis of the figures as reported by the companies and the correlation of the same with the prices determined by the market forces. Due consideration is given to the qualitative aspects of these fundamentals. The team makes a detailed study of the various fundamental reports made by the best analysts in the country. The company shares all these various and different fundamental research reports with its clients.

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